1. I have never booked entertainment, where do I start?

Call Becwar & Associates Entertainment Agency. With over 30 years of experience and extensive knowledge with entertainers in practically every kind of event, we will work with you every step of the way. Unlike most agents, the Becwar Family comes from a long line of entertainers, and won’t charge you a hefty commission. We know what works, and love sharing and creating ideas for our clients. Even the best event and meeting planners call us to hire our services. We will make you look good, and the best part is that you get a Quality Act at a Great Price!

2. Why should I use an agency instead of hiring directly or online?

KNOWLEDGE: Becwar & Associates knows the performers personally and will only recommend those Acts that are a good reflection on the company and a good match with your needs. We want you to be satisfied, so you’ll tell your friends to call us too. We take the Risk out of booking an entertainer, and will send you Bios and Videos of professional acts for you to view.

EXPERIENCE: We do this every day and have written contracts for entertainment for over 30 years. As a one-time buyer, some Acts may not be as truthful with you, as they would be with an agency that will book them many times. Some Acts will misrepresent their talents in order to secure a date.

PRICE: We have negotiating power that a one-time buyer doesn’t have, and we can get you the best price. Our Agency will not add a commission to an Act, but rather the performers offer themselves at a lower net price to the agency to compensate for their marketing, sales, and promotion expenses. So a $5000 Act is the same price whether you contact them directly or through Becwar & Associates.

CONVENIENCE: Our Agency can streamline the process and save you time. Instead of making numerous calls on your own, you have only one point of contact. By selecting Becwar & Associates, you will receive the best professional service without paying any additional costs. It’s a win-win!

3. How soon do I need to confirm an Entertainer for our event?

Depending on the day of the week, time of year, and type of entertainer you want, most Acts book up to 3 to 6 months in advance. “Popular Celebrity Acts” can book up to a year in advance. If your event is on a Friday or Saturday, especially during the holidays, I would try to confirm your act as soon as possible. If you have a smaller budget, we recommend waiting until about 2 or 3 months in advance, and we will try to book you a great act who is already performing in your area. Most Performers will reduce their normal fee to get a second show, and you also save money on travel. Please note that if entertainment is a “last minute” decision, we pride ourselves in always finding you some entertainer. Becwar & Associates is known for Quality Acts at Great Prices, regardless of when you book.

4. So there is NO fee paid to Becwar & Associates?

That is right! Our fee is worked out with the entertainer. Our Agency will not add a commission to an Act, but rather the performers offer themselves at a lower net price to the agency to compensate for their marketing, sales, and promotion expenses. The cost is the same, and sometimes even cheaper if you use our Agency. A professional Entertainer understands the importance of having an Agent that will book him for numerous shows. Remember, we are entertainers too, and our Agency has both the client and entertainers best interest. We will make sure that both parties are taken care of. We want every client to come back to us, and we also want the entertainer to trust us, and put on a Great show. A happy entertainer, a happy client!

5. What if the act I am looking for is not on your roster?

Becwar & Associates has over 200 great entertainers that we have booked, and can get you virtually anybody you desire. Let us know who you are looking for, and we can get in touch with them. We love what we do, always work hard, and will get you Quality Entertainment at the Best Price!

6. Will we need to put a deposit down, and how much?

Yes, a 20% to 50% deposit is due with the signing of the contract. This confirms the show, and guarantee’s that the entertainer is yours for your special event. Depending on the entertainer, a final payment will be made out to the entertainer on the day of performance.

7. Why don’t you list prices on your site?

We have so many Acts, and each type of talent has a different price range. We have acts from $250 Beginners, to $500 Semi-Professionals, to $1,000 and Up Professionals, to celebrities between $5,000 to $500,000. Each specific act also has a range of prices dependent upon date, time, and most importantly location of your event. So a $5,000 entertainer might charge $3,000 on a weeknight while other Acts may not.

8. Where are you located? Do your Acts travel?

We are located in Lincoln, Nebraska (the middle of the country, where Johnny Carson and Dick Cavett were from). Yes, our Acts come from all over the USA and travel everywhere. We also book local, regional, and semi-professional Acts and Bands for any type of event. We specialize in Professional National touring Acts for Corporate Events, Conventions, Colleges, and Clubs all over the USA, Mexico, Canada, and on cruise ships throughout the world. We also book Celebrities, and Big Name Bands for Concerts, Fairs, Expos, Trade Shows, Casinos, and Corporate Events nationwide.

9. What else can Becwar & Associates Do?

Becwar & Associates is a Full Service Entertainment Agency, but can also get you Production (Sound, Lights, Stage, etc.) for your event. We can help in Promotion and Advertising by providing you tickets, photos, and posters. We also can help in travel expenses (Flights, Hotel, Caterer, Ground Transportation, etc.).

10. How do we pay the Deposit…Credit Card, Check, Money Order?

You can pay the Deposit any way you like, but the balance must be paid to the entertainer by check or money order the day of show.

11. What if the Show has to Cancel for Weather, Sickness, etc.

Becwar & Associates is easy to work with, and will help you to re-schedule an event if it gets cancelled because of Weather, Sickness, Death, or any other “Act of God.” Our Deposit of 20% to 50% is Non-Refundable, but can be used when you re-schedule. If our entertainer gets to the show, and you have to cancel at the last minute, full payment must be paid to the entertainer. However, that entertainer will re-schedule within 90 days, and perform on a date agreed by both entertainer and client, for Free (plus a small fee for travel expenses) when he comes back. Please keep in mind, that when you sign a contract and decide to book an entertainer, he reserves that date for you, and turns down all other offers. Also, if our entertainer cannot make it to your show because of Weather, Sickness, Death, etc., we will find you a comparable replacement, or refund your money. This is another reason to use Becwar & Associates, since we have many Quality entertainers that we know and work with.