Comedy Waiters

Magician Variety

The show begins as soon as your guests sit down for dinner. The waiters’ antics begin subtly and slowly. Gradually your guests begin to elbow each other and snicker at the comical situations these two hapless waiters keep creating. From serving amusingly “unusual” appetizers to negotiating with a difficult folding chair, the waiters create an atmosphere of fun right from the start of the evening. The fun heats up during the meal as your inept waiters attempt to keep their cool when a host of “problems” threatens to undo them: haunted bottles, bending silver, floating tables and countless other hilarious surprises! From bouncing bread rolls to vanishing candles, the magic and amazement continue throughout dinner as your guests begin to catch on. The main course culminates in an impromptu audience participation performance that leaves no doubt that your guests are in for a night to remember and sets the stage for the big finale. After dinner, Dan & Dave take to the stage to present a side-splitting show featuring magic, music and lots of audience participation. To end, the duo instruct a lucky member of the audience in the fine art of food service. With minimal instruction, this rookie waiter is coaxed into performing daring feats of culinary artistry that will leave the audience gasping. The comedy waiters do not actually interfere with the normal food service or staff. They’re in on the secret too!

Magical Comedy Waiters-Photo with plates