Pianist Anne Melang-Thoren


Whether it be an intimate private occasion or a large corporate event, clients will love the ambiance that only live piano entertainment can create. With a Bachelor of Arts degree in concert piano and a four year Bennet scholarship for piano performance, Anne Melang-Thoren has been a freelance musician providing a variety of piano and vocal music to restaurants, hotels, and bars in the Lincoln and Omaha, NE area. In addition to teaching piano and holding the position of Director of Music at two consecutive churches over the last 10 years; she has performed at numerous venues. Past appearances include Wesleyan University presidential society dinners and leadership luncheons, an International Quilt Museum gala entitled, “Indigo: America gets the blues”, Venue, Krem Le Bistro, Rogues Gallery, Sadie’s Saloon, and Oz and Jan’s Famous Lee’s Restaurant, to name a few; as well as many other private events and parties. From society dinners and galas to saloons and chicken shacks, Anne plays a wide variety of locales and a wide variety of music – jazz, blues, classical, popular, holiday and more!