Toby Kid


Comedian Toby KID from Iowa has performed over fifteen thousand shows and driven literally millions of miles. He's performed in 48 states and 7 countries. If you listen to radio you have undoubtedly heard KID's caty-wampus views or maybe read them on the web. KID's numerous TV appearances include Good Morning America and ESPN. (When was the last time you saw a comedian on these programs?) As Aye Jaye says in his hot selling book, The Golden Book of Schmoosing; "The following are some of the funniest people I've ever had the privilege of working with," and amid names like Will Durst, Billy Crystal, Penn and Teller and Drew Carey, you'll find the name Toby KID listed as well. Same size. Same font. JUST A FEW PLACES TOBY PERFORMS ESPN John Deere Principal Financial Weaver Potato Chip Co Special Olymics MDA Telethon Donnelley Marketing Hy Vee Food Stores Govenor T. Branstead Sen. Bob Dole Ambassador Alan Keys Radio Stations: KCOB, KOOL, KRIT, WHO Holiday Inns & Hiltons Bradford Exchange Iowa State University Amoco's 100th Birthday Coor's Run for Liberty Iowa State Fair '82-'93 National Portk Expo Hormel Cyclone Club Kick-Off Clown Hall of Fame Induction '94 '95 & '96 MDA Super Dance National Postmasters FFA & 4H National Morticians Country Clubs Chevy Dealers Assoc. Century Life of America High Schools