Craig Karges

Magician Speaker Variety

You’ve seen Craig Karges on The Tonight Show as well as CNN, Fox News Channel, E! Entertainment Television and CNBC. The extraordinist has also starred in two, one-hour television specials and is the author of Ignite Your Intuition, The Wizard’s Legacy and Extraordinary Tales.

Craig Karges travels globally, from North America to Asia and from Africa to Europe creating first class presentations that not only entertain but challenge the mind and leave people talking.

Craig Karges combines the art of magic with the science of psychology and the power of intuition to create the impression that nothing is impossible. Tables float, minds are read, metal bends and your imagination is challenged because you won’t believe your eyes!

Using total audience participation, Karges dazzles the mind as he challenges you to question what is real and what is unreal. You don’t just watch this presentation, you experience it! He baffles, mystifies and thoroughly entertains the audience and then, at the end of the presentation, when he has them in the palm of his hand, he delivers a powerful message concerning the potential of the human mind. “Experience the Extraordinary” is business theatre and motivational entertainment at its best!