Ben Ulin

Hypnotist Magician

Ben has performed his solo comedy magic show at hundreds of company banquets, corporate functions, and special events nationally — over 30 years experience!

This act uses both original and classic magic routines along with clean, smart humor. Ben creates hilarious and memorable situations with audience members who help make each performance unique and special.

Length: 55 minutes (can be any length up to 65 minutes.) Ben provides his own sound system. He can also provide backdrops and and a small lighting system when needed.

When you need to make a BIG impact - THE ULIN'S ACT.
For 25 years, Ben and his wife Margaret have been performing an act that is filled with both glamour and humor.
This is a fusion of Ben's solo comedy magic act with several amazing and unique routines involving his beautiful wife. More than just an “act”, the variety of effects, costumes, great music, laughs, and audience participation, make this a full-size “show”! 60 to 80 minutes